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Trackateam is a premium category software for individual and team sport clubs.

With the help of Trackateam, clubs not only become more efficient but also introduce a unified professional control mechanism in their operative processes, which guarantees high quality work and enhances talent development.


For Coaches

Track your athletes’ development
Less administrative work
Share knowledge

For Managers

Access up-to-date information
Clear databases
Supports workflow management

For Organizers

Less paperwork
Automated processes
Effective communication

Structured data - any time, any place

Trackateam is an online, cloud based software, available for you any time, any place. It filters, accesses and exports data according to your needs.

Professional support

All of our software features have been approved and tested by professional Hungarian sports teams such as Győri ETO Handball Club, Rátgéber Basketball Academy and Honvéd Youth Water Polo Club. This guarantees that our software meets real demands.

Increased efficiency

The Trackateam promotes efficiency in daily work by replacing paper-based and excel records and automation processes.

Future-proof design

Our software is designed to be open for future extension and enhancement.

Flexible features tailored to your needs

Trackateam has been developed along the professional aid of our partners to provide you the opportunity to create and customise your own templates for exercises and assessments.

Multi level access control

Trackateam currently has four different roles: coach, organiser, athletic director and director. Different roles define access to different features and data. One user can have multiple roles.

Ease of use

The user’s interfaces are simple, clear and intuitive. It is easy and quick to learn how to use them without training or user’s manual.

Multi lingual

Trackateam is currently available in English and in Hungarian. More languages are on their way.

Make fact-based decisions

System features

Training Plan and Diary
Users may prepare and store training exercises, plans and diaries. The system is suitable for the preparation of yearly practice plans, and the design of macro-, meso- and micro-cycles. The training exercises, which may be searched on the basis of categories and tags, can be posted with descriptions, images and videos. Recyclable training plan templates facilitate the easy preparation of training plans. Users may save their notes, evaluate training sessions, and attach images and videos in the training diary.
The system features built-in assessment criteria recommended by experts, but users may also create their own system and criteria of assessments. Assessments can be categorized by groups and time period. The system supports the execution of testing, and the monitoring and tracking of results. Assessment results may be accessed at group and individual level as well.
Membership Fee Management
The system allows users to track the payment of membership fees. A flexible number of individual discount may be assigned to membership fees. Users may consult the account at any time with regards to finances concerning athletes, groups and organizations.
Student Athletes' Leave of Absence
If students participate at a game or meeting users may send leaves of absence via email to their educational institution. In case of using the postal service, leaves of absence may be generated from the system.
Athlete Profile
The system offers access that can be activated for athletes. Athletes may view or edit a personalized set of data on their athlete profile site. Athletes may access the calendar of events with training sessions, game dates and times, their personal profile, membership fee account and attendance statistics.
Equipment Management

The equipment manager module provides the opportunity for the club to keep the sports equipment inventory and capacity records. An exact statement can be made about the recorded equipments on the basis of the acquisition, release, take-back and faulty products details.

Video Analysis and Video Library

The thematically designed video library provides the opportunity to store recorded materials of matches and trainings. A complex drawing and event tagging module has been developed for processing the uploaded videos. The materials supplemented this way are then suitable for analyzing tactics as well as athletes’ movements.

The system enables structured storage and classification of personal and other information of athletes and other users. Images and documents may be attached to the database. Athletes and users are organized into filterable, searchable lists and categories and may be accessed by a single click. The equipment database function allows tracking of equipment on lease.
Calendar of Events
The Calendar is designed specifically for sport organizations with specific event types, and an information alert system. It may be accessed both in daily, weekly and monthly views, and may be filtered by group and event types. It is characterized by simple event management and a clear structure. Users may attach images, documents or videos to game type events.
Attendance Monitoring
Athletes’ attendance at training sessions or individual trainings is monitored with the help of the electronic attendance register. The causes of absence may also be saved and tracked. Users receive a summary of absences, which may also be tracked by groups and time periods.
Health Tracking
On the personal data site of athletes users may enter and track injuries, illnesses, medical interventions and treatments, as well as physiotherapy through international standards used in health care.
Users may export certain lists, databases and content from the system in xls, cvs, or pdf format.
A hobbi és profi sportegyesületek szakmai munkájának támogatására létrejött rendszer olyan, mint egy formatervezett kalapács – nem csak jól használható, de ergonomikus és esztétikai szempontok alapján is kiemelkedő. Egy edzői munkát segítő alkalmazásnak hatalmas előnye, ha mobilon is elérhető, és a Trackateam megoldása kompromisszumok nélkül nyújtja ezt a lehetőséget.
Az év applikációja

Application of the Year

Hungarian Marketing Association
For an Academy that has hundreds of athletes and almost fifty coaches to guide through their everyday life and organise their trainings, matches and travels, it is of great use to have a product that can handle all departments: coordinators’ tasks, coaching tools and athlete data at the same time.
Koronics András

András Koronics

Rátgéber Basketball Academy
User-friendly, clean interface that helps the work of all youth-athlete-center cooperators. It also assists and support communication with athletes, their parents, as well as the communication processes within the Academy. It’s a product for professionals.
Apró Annamária

Annamária Apró

Rátgéber Basketball Academy

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