Our mission is to make the life of coaches and club staff easier with software. Our drive is to help clubs to find their way to maintain and keep their club beneficial so that they can focus on the only thing that matters, taking care of developing their athletes and being able to deliver high quality coaching.

Our research

As a hungarian software developer company (Webstar Group Ltd.) we have started to make a hungarian sport-manager software, known as Trackateam. Since then it has supported hundreds of coaches work throughout the country. During the years we gathered many experiences in this field and now our goal is to present our solutions worldwide. We want to make our best and give useful help to our customers. Recently we started a global research to find the most urgent and painful problems in coaches’ everyday life. We conducted numerous interviews with coaches and club presidents and managed to identify a couple of questions that coaches often have to deal with. Namely the finance and motivation. We are intent on analyzing and validating these problems by digging into the bottom of them.  

To reach our goal we ask your help

If you are willing to take part in this validation process and support our mission to create an efficient and useful software for our users, please fill out the questionnaires below.

Thank you for your help!

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